Department of Media and Economics

Programme 2019

26 – 28 November 2019

Topic: Brand Appearances in Different Markets

About 150 Students will team up in groups of three and choose a brand that operates in different international markets. The assignment is to find differences in the promotional approach / advertisement between countries as well as media channels. Differences which have been identified are then presented in 90 seconds – it is up to the students to choose a format: each group can decide upon a creative presentation of their own (e.g. video, broadcast, news broadcast, social media posting/story,…)

We are looking for lecturers from the following fields:
Advertising, marketing, communication, international/intercultural communication, knowledge of cultural differences, branding,… as well as for someone with experience in dramaturgy and production/staging.

Tue, 26 Nov.

08:50–10:25 am Input on international communication/differences
11.20–12:55 pm Brainstorming and research in small groups, coaching and assistance provided if needed
12:55–01:30 pm Lunch break
Main hall
07:00 pm optional: Golden Wire 2019 – Student Media Awards Ceremony 
Big assembly hall

Wed, 27 Nov.

08:50–10:25 am Input
11:20–12:55 pm Brainstorming, research and production
12:00–01:30 pm Lunch break
Main hall
07:00 pm optional: Conference dinner
Rendl Keller

Thu, 28 Nov.

08:50–10:25 Input
11:20–12:55 pm Finalizing the assignment/presentation
08:30–10:00 am optional: Guided tour of St. Pölten (in English); meeting point: Railway station, McDonalds at main entrance
10:30–11:00 am optional: Set-up for Go International!
11:00–01:00 pm optional: Go International Day: Representing your home institution at the fair
Main hall
01:00–02:00 pm Lunch Break
Big assembly hall
01:50–04:15 pm Presentation of outcomes in front of everybody – jury will award points
05:30–07:00 pm optional: Special International Event (e.g. wine tasting with local vintners,…)
Small assembly hall

Fri, 29 Nov.




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